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Blue Trim Platter

Blue Trim Platter

Ceramic Platter

Discover the Solas Platter with Klein Blue Trim – a stunning masterpiece that marries timeless craftsmanship with a modern twist. Handcrafted to perfection, this platter boasts a unique design that captures attention. If you're looking to inject a pop of colour into your space and infuse a modern feel, the Solas Platter with hand painted blue trimming might be just for you. Whether showcasing an array of delectable treats or serving as a decorative centerpiece, this platter adds an elegant touch to your surroundings, allowing you to elevate both your culinary presentations and artistic displays.

Approximate measurements: 29 x 29cm wide

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Please note each piece is handmade and so there may be slight variations in size, shape and colour between the product photos and the actual piece.


Australian white stoneware clay.

Care information

Handwash is preferred.

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