What does Cré mean?

Pronounced "cray", this is the irish word for clay. 

Cré is the fundamental material in my work. It determines so many decisions along the slow journey of creating each piece. For me, the form, glaze and the tactile quality of each piece is influenced by the choice of clay.

Who is the maker?

Niamh "neev" first experimented with ceramics in 2009 whilst studying at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland. 

With a background in Graphic Design and Art education, she has spent the past decade teaching Art & Design whilst building and refining her ceramic practice. An inflection point for Niamh’s journey was attending a ceramic workshop in Jingdezhen, the “Porcelain Capital” in southern China in 2016. This brought about renewed interest and appreciation for the ancient art form.

Niamh’s work has strong emphasis on form and function with a minimal aesthetic and neutral colour palette. All pieces are individually wheel-thrown, carefully refined and produced in small batches. She is particularly drawn towards the modernist movement. Artists, architects and designers such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Barbara Hepworth and Edmund de Waal provide inspiration for her work.

She now works from her studio in Elwood, Melbourne.